My weekly injury update.

I am clumsy.

No, that doesn’t do it justice.

I am the example in the dictionary for the definition of the word clumsy. I injure myself not on a weekly basis, not even just a regular basis. I feel bold enough to say I injure myself on a daily basis. No joke.

This week alone I have jammed my ankle in my car door, cut my finger, rolled my ankle (same one as the car injury too daggumnit!),  and essentially stabbed the back of my hand on a counter corner. So, like, why am I telling you all this? Because I hurt myself so often it seemed 1) worthy of a blog post and 2) maybe if I start logging my injuries I will learn to be better (HA!)

**This post was updated 4/3 to include the following information**

I have no also sliced my finger (different from the other cut finger) and stabbed yet another finger (also different from the first two). So I now have 3 different fingers with knife related injuries…hmm i’m beginning to see a pattern already! XD

It’s almost Friday ya’ll. We have almost made it. 🙂





A Thought So smart, I Got Scared!

2 posts and they aren’t a million years apart?! What what!


So due to circumstances out of my control, I now spend A LOT more time alone than I like and am used to.  This generates some pretty severe mood/depression issues for me because I have separation anxiety, abandonment issues, and a whole horde more of anxiety issues (I’m a mess!)

Part of the cycle in my moods is being hyper sensitive to how often certain people talk to me. Yes, I do understand I’m crazy. However the thing about anxiety is it goes out of its way to NOT make sense! (In fact, this phenomenon is so prevalent that people are diagnosed with anxiety disorders because they have so much anxiety about HAVING anxiety!)

Any who, when this particular mood sets in it is usually very very hard to turn around and get out of it. It takes a lot of reassurance, time, patience, and some tears. I am severely grateful for the friends I have and my amazing boyfriend for dealing with me when I get this way!

But today

Today I was on my own (ish, you’re never truly alone if you own a cell phone, haha). It was within this context that I randomly, and without trying to, had a thought SO SMART that it scared the crap out of me that I was the one to think it! Before you get al hyped up (because I like to envision you on the edge of your seat with anticipation about this revelation :D) it was not an original thought, at all. In fact it is one of those things that everyone always says first in situations such as this, it was a complete cliché.

“So why in the world are you so excited you wrote an entire blog post about this?!” you may be asking your computer, who is so rudely NOT listening!

BECAUSE Dear Reader, I came to this thought following a completely logical pathway of thoughts among a full swing tornado of terrible thoughts! (Anyone of anxiety or depression will totally understand that, haha) This thought is in reference to when a person has, or acts like they have, a problem with you. They may be being rude or they may just be ignoring you, either way that’s the kind of thing this is in association with.

Now to the real heart of the matter, what was this day changing, mood saving thought?

I can’t fix the problem, because I am not the one with the problem.


Mind. Blown.

Happy Tuesday ya’ll!




Welcome back, I am shame faced.

Wow, it’s been a long long time ya’ll!! I am shame faced by my lack of follow through… Let’s just dive right on into the here and now, if is ok with you! 🙂


My birthday is tomorrow. It will be my golden birthday, the one where you turn the same age as the date of your birthday. (I don’t think thats an actual thing, I think I just have friends that are as strange as me.)

This past year I feel like I’ve really changed, the amazing people in my life have helped me over come some past circumstances and emotions. I truly learned A LOT about food, the body, and exercise. I also learned that I seriously enjoy talking about those things to people. I have calmed down my “timeline” (but I still refuse to be older than 24 until I’m engaged lol) and I have not only gotten back in school, but have stuck with it!

Now it’s time to address some of the other things that negatively affect (effect? I couldn’t remember the diference if you paid me.) myself and the people in my life.

First up: Complaining.

Just like I was addicted to terrible foods, over time I developed an addiction to whining, moaning, b****ing, venting, and complaining. Sometimes I can get going so good that I will gripe about one ridiculous thing for hours, yes plural.

It’s not healthy, it’s not fun, and it certainly doesn’t win me any popularity contests. So my goal is to find a way to channel that energy, those negative thoughts, and turn them into something productive. I haven’t figured out the logistics yet, but this will be a serious challenge especially considering I just started crate training a very loud terrier lab mix.

Have you all ever heard a dog scream? I have. It’s the noise of nightmares ya’ll. Nightmares. (P.S. that wasn’t complaining, that’s a fact haha!)

I promise I will write more later, maybe include some new recipes if you want, but this chick needs to go read 3 chapters of econ and 2 world civ. by the end of the day!



Homeward Bound

Or more accurately “I’m home” but that didn’t have as nice of a ring to it.

So I was checking a few of the blogs I read on a pretty daily basis, a few of them haven’t updated in quite sometime and I found myself thinking “Please post something! It doesn’t even have to be the best post ever, just come back!” Then I wondered enthusiastically if perhaps there was anyone out there checking my blog periodically curious as to when I would post again. So here I am, posting again for my hopefully not imaginary readers! 🙂

Vacation was nice, California is definitely a different world from Kentucky. It was like even the sky was different, not only in how it looked but how it touched everything. We spent a lot of time in Sacramento but also ventured up to Lake Tahoe and San Fransisco. Uh can I just say that Tahoe = Amazingly beautiful! That water was absolutely gorge! The boy and his mother had to practically drag me out of it and I was only in up to my knees! If I got to be a mermaid and choose where I lived Lake Tahoe would be a serious contender.

San Fransisco was equally beautiful, however it was in a city way as opposed to the nature beauty of Tahoe. I kept telling the boy and his parents that if I lived there I wouldn’t be able to leave the house! Driving would be out of the question because of my inability to navigate and dislike of super steep hills. Walking is even more of a no go because I swear I would totally trip and fall all the way down into the ocean! The point I am making: San Fransisco is extremely hilly/steep/mountainy. With amazing views, stunning buildings, and a seriously fun amount of restaurant and activities.

No worries Lovelies I will be posting a big picture dump once I figure out how to watermark. When I say big I mean I took around 800 pictures during the week-long visit. I’ll spare you the mundane and only post the best.. that’ll be a fun process of elimination…

One down side of our vacation, Robin Williams untimely death occurred shortly after we got there. The boy loves Robin, but then again who doesn’t! He was pretty upset when we heard the news. He was such an amazing person, actor, comedian. I can’t even imagine the grief his family feels. I read recently that they scattered his ashes in the San Fran bay and I thought “I was in that water just days after he was laid to rest there.” The person and the talent will  be missed extensively.

 It is now the second week of school and so far so good! I am definitely ready to move on from English 102. Not saying anything bad about english, in fact this professor is a vast improvement on my last, it’s just not my strongest subject. I’m ready to get my electives out-of-the-way and move onto math and accounting work!

Where did you all vacation? Is anyone else back in school? What are you studying/taking this semester?



In Other News

I ran a mile in 9:38 yesterday!!!!! I’ve been running for I suppose a month now. not exactly religiously, though I do try. I’ve also been dabbling in yoga. So yesterday was a great day for me because my yoga instructor is back from vacation, she helped me kick into my first head stand, and I got my mile time down to 9:38!

I’m a bit sad today because this will be the last time I can make it to my other favorite class, Pilates ball, for a little while. School starts the 18th and I have an English class the days the Pilates ball class is held (yet another reason to not be happy with English 102, besides the fact that I’m terrible at it) The boy and I leave for California this friday!!!

Today I challenge myself to run 2 miles continuously at 10 minutes a piece. I really want to order a Polar heart rate monitor watch with GPS so I can run outside. I feel like it’s easy to run faster on the treadmill because all i do is set the pace and threaten myself whenever I try to lower it. Out in the wild it’s just me setting the pace, and I tend to slack off.

But at least I’m honest/recognize that in myself.

Do any of you have heart rate monitors?  Or maybe suggestions on running outside/not on a treadmill? I need to transition myself to do some outside runs before we lose the nice weather! Hope every one is having a lovely Wednesday!



If I Had Wanted

If I had wanted something sour I would have gotten Sour patch kids. Because at least they are sweet after!

This is among many things I wish to say to a few people in my life. (This post shall remain extremely general to save the author from petty backlash.)

Too many little things add up very quickly. A sink is leaking one slow drop at a time and you think, “Eh this isn’t such a big deal. It’s only one drop at a time it’s not like it’s a steady stream of water! Now that I would be worried about!”

And then the end of the month comes, and your water bill is $10 higher than usual and you think, “Huh, well it’s still only $10 that’s really only a drop in the bucket.” You chuckle at your pun, write the check, and pay the bill.

Days turn into weeks, one bill turns into 12 and the next thing you know your bathroom floor is damaged! You have to replace the whole thing, including the cabinets and the sink! Shelling out the money for the repairs you start to wonder how much that whole years worth of one drop at a time cost you. You add up your losses, slump back in your chair and hang your head thinking, “How could something so little add up to so much?”

It’s the same with how you treat others. You may be blah towards them, you may make a snide comment or have a bad attitude a couple of times here and there. Then, after sometime, they either go off on you, or you go to be nice and they shun you.

If you find yourself wondering why, just remember

The little things add up.




Thankful Thursday

So my last post kind of set me up for this second post that I’ve been organizing in my head. Maybe I can be consistent and make it into a series!

Thankful Thursday

Since our lives are a 70/30 blend of little things and big things, I thought it might be nice, and provide self growth, to write a post about the things throughout the week, and things in general that I’m thankful for. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the crummy annoying things and let them over rule the good little things that may have happened.


This Thursday I am thankful for:

*My sister finding my box!

Ok I won’t do this for each of the things on my list but this one needs back story. We have been in the new house for about a month, maybe longer. Since the first week we were moved in I have been looking for some stuff that went missing. The super important stuff that I packed extra careful so it wouldn’t get lost or broken, of course. I was going crazy, I had looked everywhere. I even looked in my glove compartment box, 5 times. Long story short, turns out it wasn’t a box. It was a bag. In my sister’s room. I do not like the cone of shame.


*Improving my run time! I am not a runner, by far. So I challenged myself to prepare for a 5k. I haven’t signed up for one because I don’t just want to run a 5k, I want to have a good time as well. Yesterday I ran my first mile in 10:30 and my second mile in 10:50. Considering I just started running like a week ago, I’m pretty excited!

*My friends.  Of course. I don’t even have to explain why, their existence is enough explanation. 🙂

*My boy. same as with my friends. But more precisely I’m thankful for the growth we’ve made as a couple.

*My puppy. Puppies never need explanation!

*My job! I love my job and I love the people I work with and for!

*My blog readers! I know you’re out there somewhere, and I’m thankful you exist and willingly suffer through my ramblings. 😀